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Motif Recognition

Function of the Musical Motif

Recognizing the idea of individuality underlying the musical motif is like an impulse of becoming conscious in life; for, the listener experiences how a natural inborn inner-human universal ability penetrates an artificially put-on mental-psychical limitation without resistance.

The Flexibility of Disposition

When, for example, someone thinks negatively about someone else and rejects him because of a certain attitude, still the thought may come to his mind, “Oh, what a nice face he has!”

The Influence of the Thought on the Thinker

Here the observer realizes that the positive thought – of the nice expression on the face of the other person – has a constructive effect on himself, while the former, negative thought had a destructive influence.

The Fundamentals of the Inner Formation of the Musical Motif

This practical, individual recognition of the influence of a thought on the own person enables the listener to safely establish his inner nature in the process of evolution and to systematically build up his personality through prudent self-strengthening decisions, and to cultivate his own character on this basis.

Coordination of the Inner Growth with the Environment

Thus, the thinking man learns to make decisions which promote his own inner growth and simultaneously create a positive influence on his neighbor.

The Musical Radiation of the Classical Musician

In classical composition such mechanism of inner creativity is described by the motif-technique: It inspires the listener to take charge of the cultivation of his character and through his effort, through higher and higher aspirations, rise to the realms of beauty and radiate a rejuvenating influence into the world.

Development of a Natural and Healthy Judgement

Here the intellect reveals increasingly higher qualities of life in increasingly higher levels of order and thus cultivates the listener’s natural, healthy sense of judgement of feeling and understanding.