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Enlivening our Self-Awareness

Gradual Awakening of the Tools of Cognition

At the beginning of every hearing process in a concert of classical music, first of all the outer hearing dominates, and only then the projection of the acoustic tone pattern in our mental space.

But very gradually the intellectual faculty of discrimination of our understanding and the intellectual faculty of synthesis of our feeling gain influence, and we enter the inner creative worlds of music – first the inner sound-spaces, then the motif-spaces, then the sequence-spaces, and finally the infinite space of the harmony: the world of the neurophysilogical functioning of our body, the world of our individual human forces, the world of our social human forces and finally the universal life field of our pure self-cognition.

Knowing the Dynamic Continuum of Universal Thinking

In this moment, our inner breath is stimulated by the inner breath of the music to flow, and its enlivening winds permeate our mind and make it vibrate as the absolute sound-substance.

As soon as our inner breath has raised our mind in this manner to the value of comprehensive cosmic function, its capability of projection and with this also our process of knowing gains the function of cosmic achievement too: on the level of unity we perceive all the diversity of music as a dynamic continuum beyond space and time, and we experience every individual aspect as an integrating part of the whole.

Our Self-Awareness Assumes the Free Ruler over our Organs of Cognition

Only now our self-consciousness gains the sympathetic, life-supporting environment which it needs for its personal free unfoldment, and it begins to stir deep within us; it becomes creatively active and enters the cosmic realms of our mind which swing now in universal unity.

In this moment our self-awareness assumes the free rule over our organs of cognition, the coordinated rule of our intellect over our feeling and understanding comes into operation and determines with these, our formative forces, all further creative action: down to the realm of our neurophysiological processes – which then is expressed in an improvement of our health.