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Power and Powerlessness
of Musical Interpretation

Sensing the Inner Motif Forces

“A human quality is a force, and we get a feeling for the dimension of this force when qualities of opposing nature collide with each other.”

The Motif Played without Dimension

“We experience only little of the power with which that human quality rises from the field of our innermost conscience into the world of feeling and thinking and impels us to act, and we feel nothing of a skilful handling of our most important inner-human driving forces which, from the point of view of our great classical musicians, are meant to make us human beings free masters of ourselves.”

The Effect of the Musical Motifs

“As mentioned earlier, a musical motif always expresses a specific inner-human quality, and wherever it appears, the language of music elucidates how a particular human quality influences its surroundings and aspires sovereignty in the process of the fulfilment of desire.

The Science of Intuition

This universal musical portrayal of universally-human nature accounts for the great charm of classical music, for as confidently as the scientist knows the outer world and describes it from outside, as confidently the classical composer knows and describes our inner world of man.”