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Doubt in the Process
of Finding Musical Truth

Feeling and Understanding in the Musical Encounter

The one fullness, the fullness of the harmony, is made accessible through our synthesizing feeling.
And it swings from the level of our self-awareness to the worlds of the sequences and the motifs – down into the musical sound-space.
The second fullness we access by our analyzing understanding; this fullness reaches from the musical sound-space to the motif-spaces and the sequence-spaces, and up into the infinite space of the harmony.

Feeling and Understanding Uncoordinated

If, in our process of knowing, the absolute sound-substance is not effective, and if our mind, our intellect, and our senses are not permeated by the vibration of the absolute sound-substance, then our feeling and understanding become uncoordinated because by their very nature – by virtue of the synthesizing function of the feeling and the analyzing function of the understanding – these two powerful forces of cognition diverge from one another and thus tread simply opposite paths of gaining knowledge.

The Rift in the Intellectual Process of Gaining Knowledge

The absence of a common knowledge of the absolute sound-substance on the level of feeling and understanding would split our intellectual process of cognition into two separate paths that contradict each other by their very nature and which could, even with the greatest efforts, not be united without the perception of the absolute sound-substance.

Contradiction in the Process of Cognition

Necessarily, such a rift in our process of gaining cognition must disunite our entire process of finding truth and confronts us with two fundamentally different, well, opposed statements for every single phenomenon.

Based alone on this rift in our process of cognition, the contradiction of these statements forces our feeling and our understanding into opposing roles, and each of these tools of cognition then tries to reserve itself the sole right of the proper finding of truth.

Here we find the cause for the dehiscing and striving apart and the lack of understanding of and between science and art, and of religion respectively.

Natural Integration of the Tools of Cognition

Enlivening the absolute sound-substance within the musical tools of cognition puts us on the level of musical unity beyond space and time and within space and time, for this cosmic vibration creates the unity between the feeling and the understanding.
Thus, the threat of a conflict between these diverging forces of cognition is eliminated by virtue of their natural, structural integration on a superior level.